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Kindness starts with us. If we’ve made you smile, let us know
by sending a note of gratitude to an ALGV staff member.

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To send a Kindness card, we recommend using Chrome.
Then follow these simple steps:

1. Fill in your name, recipient's name, and compose your message.

2. Select your kindness card from the images provided. The chosen card populated with your message will display. (Edit your message by clicking on the image of the card you originally selected.)

3. Select the "Download Kindness Card" button and preview the image.

4. Open a new email and insert the downloaded card as a picture or paste it in the body of your email.

5. Email your message to Your emails will remain confidential and will be shared only with your chosen recipients. From time to time, we may randomly reward card recipients with prizes.

6. Add a subject line, send your card, and put a smile on the face of someone special from ALG Vacations!